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Control streaming feature layers (Map Viewer)

Streaming feature layers created from an ArcGIS Server stream service provide data updates as they occur. They are useful for visualizing real-time data feeds that have high volumes of data or that have data that changes at unknown intervals. For example, a fleet of vehicles might be transmitting their location, and the current location of the vehicles needs to be continuously monitored.

When you add a streaming feature layer to Map Viewer, you can control the data sent from the service to the layer.

Follow these steps to control streaming features in Map Viewer:

  1. In the Contents pane of Map Viewer, click Options Options on the streaming feature layer.
  2. To control whether data is streamed to the layer in the map, click Show streaming controls and choose one of the following options:
    • Stop—When you stop streaming, the data in the layer stops updating in Map Viewer and the data in the layer does not update until you start streaming again.
    • Play—Use this control to start streaming data again.
    • Clear—Use the Clear option to remove the features of a stopped streaming feature layer from the map. When you start streaming again (in other words, when you click the Play option), the layer will draw again.

As with all feature layers, you can apply an attribute filter to the streaming feature layer to limit the data in the map based on attribute values.