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Convert Feature to Raster (Map Viewer)

Available with Image Server

The Convert Feature to Raster tool converts features to a raster.

The output is a hosted imagery layer.

Usage notes

Convert Feature to Raster includes configurations for input features, analysis settings, and the result layer.

Input features

The Input features group includes the following parameter:

  • Input feature layer identifies the features to be converted to raster. This tool uses the cell center to determine the value of a raster pixel.

Analysis settings

The Analysis settings group includes the following parameters:

  • Value field is used to assign values to the output raster. It determines the type of output raster. If the field is integer, the output raster will be integer; if it is floating point, the output will be floating point.

  • Output cell size is the cell size of the output raster.

Result layer

The Result layer group includes the following parameters:

  • Output raster name is the name of the output raster layer that will be created.

    The name must be unique. If a layer with the same name already exists in your organization, the tool will fail and you will be prompted to use a different name.

  • Save in folder specifies the name of a folder in My content where the result will be saved.


Analysis environment settings are additional parameters that affect a tool's results. You can access the tool's analysis environment settings from the Environment settings parameter group.

This tool honors the following analysis environments:


This tool includes the following outputs:

  • One output raster of the rasterized features

Usage requirements

This tool requires the following licensing and configurations:


Use the following resources to learn more: