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Convert Raster to Feature (Map Viewer)

Available with Image Server

The Convert Raster to Feature tool converts a raster to point, line, or polygon features.

The output is a hosted feature layer.

Usage notes

Convert Raster to Feature includes configurations for input layers, analysis settings, and output settings.

Input layers

The Input layers group includes the following parameter:

  • Input layer defines the raster to be converted.

Analysis settings

The Analysis settings group includes the following parameters:

  • Field specifies the conversion value. It can be an integer or text value for point, line, or polygon output, and floating-point values can only be used if the output is to a point dataset. The default is the VALUE field, which contains the value in each raster cell.

  • Output type specifies the output feature type.

    • Point—The raster will be converted to a point dataset. This is the default.
    • Line—The raster will be converted to a line feature dataset.
    • Polygon—The raster will be converted to a polygon feature dataset.

    If the output type is Line or Polygon, an additional parameter appears allowing the simplification of lines or polygons.

  • Simplify lines or polygons specifies whether lines or polygons will be simplified (smoothed). The smoothing is done so that the line contains a minimum number of segments while remaining as close as possible to the original raster cell edges.

    • Checked—The line or polygon features will be smoothed to produce a more generalized result. This is the default.
    • Unchecked—The line or polygon features will not be smoothed and will follow the cell boundaries of the raster dataset.
  • Create multipart features specifies whether the output polygons will consist of single-part or multipart features.

    • Checked—Multipart features will be created based on polygons that have the same value.
    • Unchecked—Individual (single-part) features will be created for each polygon. This is the default.
  • Maximum vertices per polygon feature is the vertex limit used to subdivide a polygon into smaller polygons.

    This parameter produces similar output as that created by the ArcGIS Pro Dice tool.

    If left empty, the output polygons will not be split. This is the default.

    This parameter is only supported if the Output type parameter is set to Polygon.

Result layer

The Result layer group includes the following parameters:

  • Output features name is the name of the output feature layer that will be created.

    The name must be unique. If a layer with the same name already exists in your organization, the tool will fail and you will be prompted to use a different name.

  • Save in folder specifies the name of a folder in My content where the result will be saved.


Analysis environment settings are additional parameters that affect a tool's results. You can access the tool's analysis environment settings from the Environment settings parameter group.

This tool honors the following analysis environments:


This tool includes the following outputs:

  • A feature service

Usage requirements

This tool requires the following licensing and configurations:


Use the following resources to learn more: