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Create an app in a scene

From the Designer toolbar in a scene, you can choose an app template that requires minimal configuration or use an available builder to customize an app before publishing. Each of these options offer various functionality, such as tools, layouts, and color schemes.

To create a scene-based app while in a scene, do the following:

  1. Verify you are signed in to the portal and open Scene Viewer.
  2. On the Designer toolbar, click Create app Create app to access the following preconfigured app options:

    in order for the Create app Create app to be available on the Designer toolbar, the scene is must be saved first.

App builderDescription

ArcGIS Instant Apps

Choose an app to provide a focused experience using your scene.

ArcGIS Experience Builder

Use a template or start from scratch to create the exact web experience you want.

ArcGIS StoryMaps

Tell a story by combining scenes with narrative text and media.

When you publish a web app while in a scene, any changes the author makes to the scene, including its extent, layers, description, and so on, are reflected in the web app. If a scene that was available to everyone in the organization is made private (or deleted), the scene no longer appears in the app.

You can also create scene apps from the content and the web scene item pages.

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