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How Extract Data works

The Extract Data tool allows you to package layers into downloadable file formats.

For a layer to appear in the list of layers to extract, the layer must be a hosted feature layer, an ArcGIS Server feature layer.

To extract hosted feature layers, one of the following statements must be true:

  • You own the features.
  • You are an administrator for the organization.
  • You aren't the hosted feature layer owner or an administrator, but the owner or administrator has configured the hosted feature layer to allow others to export the data.

    This setting can be changed on the item page Settings tab by checking the Allow others to export to different formats check box under Export Data.

For more information, see Export data from hosted feature layers.

For ArcGIS Server feature layers, the Export Data and Enable Sync options must be enabled when published from ArcGIS Pro. For more information, see Configure a web feature layer.

Export to a .csv file

When you export point features to a comma-separated values file (.csv), all attribute fields and the x- and y-coordinates of each point are exported. When exporting line and area features to a .csv file, all attribute fields are exported except the x- and y-coordinates because line and area features are composed of multiple x- and y-coordinates and cannot be represented in a single column in a .csv file. To export the spatial attribute of line or polygon features, export the features to a different file type.

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