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How Geocode Locations from Table works

The Geocode Locations from Table tool matches locations to addresses in a table or file and outputs the locations in a file or feature service.


The Geocode Locations from Table tool requires at least one table or file. If you do not have any tables, .csv files, or .xls files in your organization, the tool will be unavailable.

Only files and tables in My content can be inputs to the Geocode Locations from Table tool.

Configure locators

For a locator to appear in the list of available locators, the locator must be configured for batch geocoding. The locator should be configured as follows:

  • The locator must be a portal utility service.
  • The locator should have the numThreads property properly configured on the locator service. The numThreads property is not required but may speed up the analysis job.

ArcGIS World Geocoding Service

Credits are only charged if you use ArcGIS World Geocoding Service as the locator. Although the locator service only charges credits for matched addresses, the analysis job will not begin until you have more credits than the maximum number of credits a job might consume (assuming all matched addresses).