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Slice scene content

Use the Slice tool Slice within Scene tools Scene tools to reveal occluded content in a scene. The Slice tool hides any layers or terrain the slice intersects. For example, you can slice a building to display inside layers, such as interior walls and furniture.

Create a slice

To create a slice, do the following:

  1. Click Scene tools Scene tools to access the Slice tool Slice.
  2. Click the Slice tool.
  3. Click New Slice.
    • The tool indicates where the scene will be sliced.
    • Press Ctrl (or Command) or Shift while clicking to slice with either a horizontal or vertical plane, respectively.
  4. Click a surface or object to make a slice.

    The slice hides any content in front of the surface.

  5. Drag the handles of the slice plane to move, resize, or rotate the slice.
  6. Click New Slice again to start another slice.
  7. Close Scene tools Scene tools to hide the slice.
  8. Click the Slice tool Slice again for the slice to reappear in the scene.

Exclude layers

After a slice is created, you can exclude layers from the slice. For example, you can set the HVAC and windows layers in a building to remain visible while you slice.

  1. Click Exclude Layer from Slice.
  2. Click a layer in the scene to exclude it from the slice.

    The layer is added to the Excluded layers list.

  3. Click Cancel to return to the initial view.
  4. Click Exclude Layer from Slice again to make another layer visible.
  5. Click the Remove button Remove next to the layer name to remove it from the Excluded layers list.

Interact with a slice

Once you've created a slice, you can explore and examine your scene further with Scene Viewer tools, such as the Pop-ups and Measure tools. For example, you can measure the length of an HVAC air duct inside a building that was previously hidden.