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Update the URL of ArcGIS Server web layers in web maps

If the ArcGIS Server layers you saved in a web map are moved to a new site or domain, you can update the layer URLs in the map to reference the new site.

For example, ArcGIS Server web layers initially published to a staging site could be moved to a production site, or the ArcGIS Server site may be migrated to a new domain.


The layers at the specified replacement site must match the existing layers exactly. If the layers do not match, layers may not draw or perform as expected in the web map. The portal makes a connection to the replacement site to confirm that the layers are available there. If they are not available, you are notified, and the unavailable layers are not updated.

You cannot update ArcGIS Server site references layers from a federated ArcGIS Server site or hosted web layers.

Follow these steps to update the URL for ArcGIS Server web layers in a web map:

  1. Sign in to the organization as the web map owner or an organization administrator.
  2. Open the item page for the web map.
  3. Click the Settings tab and scroll to the Layer Settings section.
  4. Click Update ArcGIS Server site references.

    ArcGIS Enterprise inspects the layers in the map and presents the ArcGIS Server sites available to update.

  5. Provide the new URL for the site and click Update References.

    Layers that use the reference you specify are updated to use the new site specified as the replacement. All ArcGIS Server layers referencing the site are updated, as well as associated layer items you own or administer.