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View pop-ups (Map Viewer)

Pop-ups contain information about features and images in map layers, such as hiking trails, land cover types, or unemployment rates. Pop-ups can include attachments, images, charts, text, field lists, and related records, and they can link to external web pages.

The default pop-up appearance for a feature layer—if the layer owner has not configured it—is a table of attributes and values. The layer owner can save a new configuration, which is why the pop-ups in a map can display relevant information without additional steps by the map author. The default pop-up appearance for an imagery layer is the pixel values.

There are multiple options for viewing and navigating a pop-up. To collapse the pop-up display and view only the title, click Collapse Collapse. To expand the pop-up display and view all contents, click Expand Expand. To dock the pop-up display to the top of the map, click Dock Dock. Click Undock Undock to display pop-ups near their associated features or pixels.


You can click Zoom to Zoom to on a feature's pop-up to zoom in to the feature on the map. If you have the appropriate privileges, you can add the location information from a feature pop-up to a route layer. Click Get directions Directions to add the location as a stop in a route.

For a particular map, the map owner can reconfigure the feature layer pop-ups. Map authors define the list of visible and hidden fields and how the information is presented. For example, they can show a simple list of attributes or provide an interactive experience using custom-formatted text, charts, and images. To learn more about designing and configuring pop-ups for feature layers, see Configure pop-ups.


If related records are configured, a list of records related to the selected feature will be displayed in a list ordered by a specific field. To view a list of all related records associated with a feature, click Show all Show all. To view a related record's pop-up within the related records browser, click the arrow next to the related record item in the list. Click Select feature Select feature to zoom to and select the related feature. This will also open the related record's pop-up out of the related records browser. While in the related records browser, click Exit related records Exit related records to return to the selected feature's pop-up.