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Starting the search service in Manager

The search service makes available, on the local network, a searchable index of your organization's GIS content. Before you can use the default search service, you'll need to start it. To start the search service in ArcGIS Server Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Open Manager and log in. If you need help with this step, see Logging in to Manager.
  2. Click Services > Manage Services.
  3. In the Services module, click the Utilities folder.
  4. In the Utilities folder, locate the search service and click the Start Start icon. Your search service is started.

You can edit the properties of your search service by clicking the Edit Edit icon next to the name of the service in the Manage Services module. Additionally, you can have multiple search services participating in your site. To create new search services, you must use the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory. See the topic Creating a search service for full instructions.