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About ArcGIS Server licensing roles

Prior to ArcGIS 10.5, the software component ArcGIS Server was licensed with varying levels and editions. Beginning at ArcGIS 10.5, the ArcGIS Enterprise product introduces licensing roles for ArcGIS Server. These licensing roles are ways of providing functionality to the ArcGIS platform as deployed in your own infrastructure. Different licensing roles provide different capabilities and types of services you can publish. The ArcGIS Server component can be licensed in one of the following five roles:

The role of ArcGIS Server that you license will determine the functionality available. See the ArcGIS Enterprise functionality matrix for specific functionality details.

License ArcGIS Server for a role

To enable one of these ArcGIS Server licensing roles, you'll authorize the software with an authorization file for the licensing role.

Multiple server license roles can be applied to the same machine. To ensure enough machine resources will be available to support server operations, review the system requirements for each server licensing role before configuring a multirole server or server site. It is generally recommended to deploy separate sites for each role.