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Administer ArcGIS Server

This section of the ArcGIS Server 10.9.1 documentation provides information, walkthroughs, and best practices for site administrators. It does not cover site set up and configuration, upgrades, or integration with ArcGIS Enterprise. To learn more about these topics, see the Deploy ArcGIS Server section.

Monitor your site

This folder contains information about monitoring the performance and health of your site using server logs and statistics, submitting error reports, and locating, querying, and intervening in current geoprocessing jobs.

Manage your site

Read about common site management tasks, including those involving services and service directories. Information about the read-only site mode is in this folder, as well as instructions to use, provision, and manage authorization tokens. A guide to ArcGIS Server site backups, as well as information about software patches and updates, is also available.

Secure your site

Conducting your ArcGIS Server site's operations securely is essential, and while the default security settings for site creation are strict, there are options to improve the security of your site. This folder contains information about firewalls and ports, instructions for configuring server certificates and strict HTTPS communication, and best practices for security rules and regulations.

Automate administrative tasks

Using scripts and tools to automate routine tasks can improve your workload as an ArcGIS Server administrator. The software includes several command line utilities for administrative tasks and monitoring. You can build custom administrative automation tools and script workflows using ArcGIS REST API and ArcPy. To learn more about these topics, see the Develop ArcGIS Server section.

Control access in stand-alone sites

If your ArcGIS Server site is not federated with an ArcGIS Enterprise portal, access and authentication to your site's resources are controlled through ArcGIS Server. ArcGIS Server includes a built-in identity store, and web-tier authentication can be enabled through a third-party identity provider. This folder contains information and walkthroughs to set up server-tier and web-tier authentication in a stand-alone ArcGIS Server site.