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Customize Zone of Confidence (ZOC) diagram output

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

Available with Production Mapping license.

Available with ArcGIS Maritime license.

CCB provides a capability to generate a separate Zone of Confidence (ZOC) diagram on an A4 sized page that is appended to the GeoPDF export. The scale of ZOC diagram is one-tenth of the chart scale.

A sample ZOC diagram layout template ZOCDiagram.pagx is located under <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\arcgisserver\directories\maritimeserver\customchartbuilder\LayoutTemplates.

The layout contains the following map elements:

  • Chart title
  • ZOC diagram title
  • Categories group with title and table
  • Generation date
  • Page number

Change colors for ZOC categories

Color values that represent the ZOC categories are assigned in the Serverconfiguration.xml file. The following steps allow you to change the color value:

  1. Browse to <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\arcgisserver\directories\maritimeserver\maritimechartservice\controlfiles.

    For all Microsoft Windows operating systems, choose one of the following:

    • Windows 7 and earlier—Choose Windows Explorer.
    • Windows 8 and later—Choose File Explorer.

  2. Open and edit the ServerConfiguration.xml file.
  3. Change the hex color codes for the ZOC categories:
    <CATZOC colorDescription="" description="A1" color="#59FCD4" code="1"/>
    <CATZOC colorDescription="" description="A2" color="#50E4DB" code="2"/>
    <CATZOC colorDescription="" description="B" color="#48CCE2" code="3"/>
    <CATZOC colorDescription="" description="C" color="#3FB4EA" code="4"/>
    <CATZOC colorDescription="" description="D" color="#379CF1" code="5"/>
    <CATZOC colorDescription="" description="U" color="#2f89f5" code="6"/>
  4. Save the changes to ServerConfiguration.xml.
  5. Restart the map service with Maritime Chart Service enabled.
  6. Browse to <ArcGIS Server installation drive>\arcgisserver\directories\maritimeserver\customchartbuilder\LayoutTemplates.
  7. Open ZOCDiagram.pagx.
  8. In the layout, change the ZOC category colors that match the colors set in ServerConfiguration.xml.
  9. Save the changes to ZOCDiagram.pagx.

Manage elements

During product creation, the map elements in ZOC diagram template are updated dynamically to reflect changes in the chart, such as scale, geographic extent, and the generation date. CCB uses names of elements to manage and identify which elements are to be modified by the automation script.


Map element names should not be changed. If names are modified, the element cannot be managed using the automation script.


If necessary, you can access the name through the Properties dialog box, on the Size and Position tab by clicking Element Name.

If you make any change in the ZOCCategoriesGroup element, it must have the following:

  • The ZOCCategoriesGroup name in the element property
  • The ZOC categories table
  • The ZOC categories title

ZOC diagram map frame size will be updated dynamically based on the page size and orientation of the chart. Anchor points for ZOCCategoriesGoup, txtZOCDiagramTitle, and the map frame must be set to the bottom center for the automation scripts to properly align the elements.