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Esri images on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

You can obtain Esri virtual machine images from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The following images are available:

Go to Microsoft Azure Marketplace and search for arcgis or esri to find the images. Download them to your Microsoft Azure subscription.

Microsoft Azure Government

The ArcGIS 10.3.1 and 10.5.x and later release images are available in the Microsoft Azure Government cloud environment.

Microsoft Azure Government is a United States (U.S.) government-community cloud that offers hyperscale compute, storage, networking, and identity management services, with world-class security. A physical and network-isolated instance of Microsoft Azure, operated by screened U.S. personnel, Azure Government enables new forms of cross-agency collaboration and rich cloud service integration. For more information, see the Microsoft Azure Government cloud computing page.

If you want to deploy on the Azure Government cloud environment and have an Azure Government account, check the U. S. Government Cloud option on the landing page of Cloud Builder before you sign in to your Azure subscription.