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What is ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services?

ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides you with tools to help you deploy the components of ArcGIS Enterprise on AWS. ArcGIS Enterprise components run on Amazon hardware, and the deployments are administered through web services.

Advantages of deploying on AWS using Esri deployment tools include the following:

  • No installation required—You don't have to install ArcGIS software yourself. Instead, use ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Amazon Web Services or sample Amazon Web Services CloudFormation templates to create an ArcGIS Server site or ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on AWS. Once you create a deployment, you can immediately connect to it and begin publishing services from ArcGIS Pro or the ArcGIS Enterprise portal.

  • Scalable on demand—You can configure your deployment so that machines are added to certain components—such as ArcGIS Server sites or spatiotemporal big data stores—in response to specified triggers, such as CPU usage. New machines can be created in a matter of minutes, allowing your deployment to gracefully respond to abrupt spikes in traffic. When you no longer need the instances, you can destroy them and incur no further charges for them.

  • No hardware infrastructure to maintain—Deploying ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services requires no special hardware on-premises; you just need to connect to the internet.

    Deploying in a cloud environment allows you to use as many or as few computing resources as necessary without committing to a long-term purchase of hardware or other information technology infrastructure.

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