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Update CA-issued certificates for ArcGIS Enterprise on Microsoft Azure

If you need to change SSL or TSL certificates for Version 2 (V2) deployments, follow the steps below to update the certificate with a new certificate from a certifying authority.

  1. Obtain an updated SSL certificate from a certifying authority and export the certificate to a .pfx file.
  2. Start ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure.
  3. Sign in to Microsoft Azure.

    If you want to use the Microsoft Azure Government cloud and have an Azure Government subscription, check U.S. Government Cloud.


    The account you use to connect must be assigned the following roles at minimum:

    • The Azure Reader role at the subscription scope level
    • The Azure Contributor role at the resource group scope level if you will use resource groups that you create outside Cloud Builder

  4. Choose an Azure Active Directory tenant, click Next, choose the subscription that contains the deployment to which you want to install an SSL certificate, and click Next.
  5. Click the down arrow next to the deployment in the Deployments list and click the certificate button Update a CA issued SSL certificate.

    The Certificate Information page opens.

  6. Specify the updated certificate using one of the following options:
    • If you have a certificate (.pfx) file on disk that you want to reference, choose From File, browse to the location of your certificate (.pfx) file, and type the password to authenticate use of the .pfx file.

      This password was set when you created the .pfx file.

    • If you have an SSL certificate stored in an Azure key vault, choose From Key Vault, choose the key vault from the drop-down list, and choose the certificate from the drop-down list.

      See the Azure documentation for more information on keys, secrets, and certificates.


      You can only choose a CA certificate that you uploaded to the key vault using Cloud Builder when you created another deployment. If this is the first time using this certificate, choose the key vault from the drop-down list, click the Create button next to the Certificate drop-down list, and upload the certificate.

  7. Provide credentials for the site administrator and the login under which ArcGIS Server runs.
  8. Click Next to update the certificate.