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Add an ArcGIS Server machine to a site

If you've installed ArcGIS Server on one or multiple machines, you can add them to an ArcGIS Server site using ArcGIS Server Manager or the join-site command line utility.

Add a machine using ArcGIS Server Manager

To add an ArcGIS Server machine to an existing site, follow these steps:

  1. Open ArcGIS Server Manager for the ArcGIS Server site and log in.
  2. Click Site > Server Configuration > Machines.
  3. In the Machines module, click Add Machine.
  4. In the Add Machine window, type the name of the ArcGIS Server machine you want to add to the site, for example,

    You must type the exact name of the machine. Do not type localhost.

  5. The URL of the ArcGIS Server machine you want to add to the site is entered automatically in the format If the site uses HTTP only for its communication, change the URL to the format
  6. Click Add. Your machine is added to the site and appears in the Machines module.

    You can repeat these steps as necessary to add ArcGIS Server machines to your site.

  7. If your site has registered ArcGIS Insights Relational Data Store Types, you must restart ArcGIS Server on each newly added machine by running the stopserver/startserver scripts as the owner of ArcGIS Server. These scripts are located in the $AGSHOME directory.