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Publish routing services

Routing services can be published as standard routing services or custom routing services. The standard routing services are fully integrated with Esri out-of-box applications and provide capabilities available with Network Analyst whereas the custom routing services, as the name suggest, provide additional capabilities or further flexibility in the analysis workflows.

Standard routing services

Given that you have a network dataset, to publish the standard routing services you can follow one of the following workflows:

  • Use the Configure routing services from the ArcGIS Enterprise portal website— Introduced at ArcGIS Enterprise 11, this user interface will provide you step by step directions on how to publish standard routing services.
  • Use the Publish Routing Services command line utility— If you are using older version of ArcGIS Enterprise portal or using a standalone ArcGIS Server, use the Publish Routing Services command line utility that ships with ArcGIS Server installation.

Configure routing services and Publish Routing Services utility publish the same set of services and automate all the steps required to publish the various routing services based on your network dataset. With both the options you can specify additional service properties using a configuration file. You can change the default values used by your services by modifying this configuration file. This configuration file works equally well with either the website or the command line utility tool that you might use to publish your standard routing services.

Standard map service based routing service can also be published from ArcGIS Pro. For example, you need to use a different network dataset than the one used by services created with the Publish Routing Services utility. Your organization may perform a majority of its network analysis based on street centerline data using applications such as ArcGIS Pro or the analysis tools available in Map Viewer. At the same time, you may also need to perform analysis on an indoor transportation network representing walkways and hallways inside your campus using applications with ArcGIS Indoors. In these cases, you can use the Publish Routing Services utility to publish all the routing services based on the network dataset created from your street centerline data. You can publish additional routing services (as map services with the network analysis capability) based on your indoor network dataset and use these routing services with applications available with ArcGIS Indoors.

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Once you have published the standard routing services, you may need to update these services. For example, if you had published standard routing services using the command line tool using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 and upgraded to ArcGIS Enterprise 11. The newer version will automatically have these standard routing services since they were present in your previous version of ArcGIS Enterprise. However, you should follow some tips as below:

  • After your upgrade is complete, don't start using the services that came from the older version because in some scenarios those services might be missing some new parameters that were added in the newer version of ArcGIS Enterprise or certain new capabilities might not work altogether. It is recommended to delete the upgraded services and then recreate the services from scratch using either the command line utility tool or the portal website.
  • If you were working with one version of StreetMap Premium data and upgraded to a newer version, it is recommended to delete the existing services and recreate the new ones so that you can get all the capabilities available with the new data.

Since you are using an out-of-the-box provided tools to publish these services, any application that rely on the existing URLs will not break after you delete and republish, because these tools are meant to recreate the new services with the same URLs for these services.

Custom routing services

There can be certain scenarios in which the standard routing services created from the Configure routing service or Publish Routing Services utility may not be adequate. In such cases, you can publish routing services to your ArcGIS Server site using ArcGIS Pro. For example, you can find a route between two stops and generate an elevation profile for that route or combine multiple different network analysis into a single web service. For such an analysis, you can create a custom routing service.

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