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Feature service publishing options

To publish feature services that reference your data sources, create maps in ArcGIS Pro that contain the feature data you need in the service. You can then publish a feature service to either a stand-alone or federated ArcGIS GIS Server site.

You can also create a service definition file rather than publish a feature service. Upload the service definition file to ArcGIS Server Manager to publish the feature service there.

Publish from ArcGIS Pro

In an ArcGIS Pro project, create a map that contains the data you want to publish. Register your data sources with one of your portal's federated ArcGIS GIS Server sites or with a stand-alone ArcGIS GIS Server site, and publish a feature layer that references the registered data.

See Web feature layer in the ArcGIS Pro help for instructions to publish a feature layer that references registered data to a federated server. See Publish a map service and Configure a map service for information about publishing a map service with feature access enabled (a feature service) to a stand-alone ArcGIS GIS Server site.

Publish from ArcGIS Server Manager

If you create a service definition file, you can upload that file to Server Manager and publish.