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Use realms with editor tracking and feature services

A realm is a string you define to help uniquely identify a user and how they edited the data (for example, @server). There are two places where you can define a realm: on the geodatabase that contains the data and on each feature service. For information about setting a realm on the geodatabase to identify database-authenticated users who edit through desktop clients, see Introduction to editor tracking in the ArcGIS Pro help. You can define a realm that will be appended to the name recorded for the user who makes an edit.

You can also append a realm to edits made through a feature service. When you access a secured feature service that contains data that has editor tracking enabled, ArcGIS Server applies your user name to any edits you make. ArcGIS Server also appends any realm you configured on the feature service.

For example, consider the case that user Mary logs in to ArcGIS Server and adds a feature. The creator is set in the geodatabase as Mary. If you configure the feature service to use the realm @server, subsequent edits appear in the database under the name Mary@server.

Configure a realm for a feature service

To help you keep track of edits made through the feature service, follow the steps below to set a realm on a feature service using ArcGIS Server Manager:

  1. Open ArcGIS Server Manager and log in. If you need help with this step, see Sign in to Server Manager.
  2. Click Services > Manage Services.
  3. In the Services module, click the name of your feature service.

    If you don't see your service in the list, it may be located in a subfolder of the Site (root) directory.

  4. Click Capabilities in the Edit module.
  5. Click Feature Access, but do not clear the check box.
  6. In the Properties section, click Advanced Options.
  7. Choose Qualify username with realm when applying edits.
  8. Choose whether to use the default realm or apply your own.
  9. Click OK.

Use an integrated security model

You can map users between the database and server domains. You may want to do this if users need to make edits directly to the geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro and also on the web through a feature service. Both environments must log the same user. The workflow to accomplish this is as follows:

  1. Set up accounts with matching logins in both the database that contains the geodatabase and the ArcGIS Server site.
  2. Set the database and ArcGIS Server site to use the same realm or not use a realm at all.