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Add team members

A site manager can add or remove team members and share content with the group.

Staff members

To add someone to a core team, you must have created the core team's site or already be a member of the core team.

Unless your account has the administrative privilege to assign members, the people you add to a team must first accept an invitation before they're visible on the team members list. This privilege is typically reserved for administrators and site managers. Without it, you can still add people to a team, but you and other members of the team must wait until the new team member accepts their invitation (sent via email and visible on signing in to ArcGIS Enterprise Sites). Once the invitation has been accepted, the new member can access the core team and begin adding and editing content.

  1. Open a site in edit mode.
  2. In the edit navigation menu, click the second drop-down menu and choose Teams.
  3. Select a team to open its team profile.
  4. Select the Add members button Add members.
  5. Use the My Organization filter to view a list of all members who have an account with your organization's ArcGIS Enterprise.

    If you can't find a member, their account may be private.

  6. Select one or more members from the list.
  7. To confirm your selection, choose Add.

    If the person isn't added to the team successfully, they may not have the privilege to join organizational groups.

Share content with team members

To share content with a core team, see the steps provided in Set view and edit access.

Remove a member from a team

To remove someone from a team, follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Enterprise Sites.
  2. Click Overview in your user profile drop-down menu.
  3. Click Manage on the Sites card.
  4. Click the title of the site you want to work with to open it in edit mode.
  5. In the edit navigation menu, click the second drop-down menu and choose Teams.
  6. Click your site-name core team.
  7. Check the check box next to the member's name and click Remove.