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Publish hosted video layers

You can publish hosted video layers from video files and supported metadata files using ArcGIS Excalibur. To publish hosted video, you must have the appropriate privileges to publish video layers..


ArcGIS Excalibur requires an add-on license and additional installation. To learn more, see ArcGIS Excalibur system requirements.

Complete the following steps to publish a hosted video layer using ArcGIS Excalibur as a user with at least the privileges to publish video:

  1. On the ArcGIS Excalibur home page, click Publish New: Hosted Web Layers.

    Alternatively, from the left navigation menu, click Publish Layer.

  2. In the Video Layer section, click On Demand.
  3. Type a Layer Name.
  4. Choose the folder that the new layer will be created in
  5. Optionally, provide a Summary that describes the layer.
  6. Type Tags that describe the layer.

    Separate the terms with commas (for example, Federal land is considered one tag; Federal, land is considered two tags).

  7. Specify whether you want to share the layer across the organization or to specific groups.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Choose the Data Source and provide the data files and associated metadata files needed to publish your layer. You can browse to these files or drag-and-drop into the drop zone. Two publishing strategies are supported:
    • Video Layer from a Single Video File—Create a video layer from a single video file containing the required metadata.
    • Video Layer from a Video File and Metadata Files—Create a video layer from a collection of files containing video and sensor metadata information. Choose this option if the video file does not contain the required metadata.
  10. Click Clear All Files to start over.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Configure the video layer by choosing one or more output video resolutions to use.

    When ArcGIS Video Server is installed and configured on an environment with GPU, videos can be published and encoded with multiple resolutions up to the source video resolution, but not above. If GPU is not enabled on the environment, the native resolution of the video is the only option available

  13. Click Next.
  14. View a summary of your choices prior to publishing. Click Back to make any changes.
  15. Click Publish Video Layer.

Once the video layer is published, click Connect to Canvas to work with the layer in the canvas in ArcGIS Excalibur.