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ArcGIS Video Server

ArcGIS Video Server is an ArcGIS Enterprise server role that allows you to index, search, publish, and stream videos as web-enabled video services with geospatial and temporal context. It delivers video services to client apps such as ArcGIS Excalibur, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS AllSource to play geospatial videos with map telemetry, stream live videos for near real-time insights, and conduct video analysis. Organizations collecting video content from drones, security cameras, sensors, and more can use ArcGIS Video Server to seamlessly integrate videos as another spatial data source in their existing GIS workflows, information products, and dissemination patterns.

You can do the following with ArcGIS Video Server:

  • Publish on-demand content and live stream videos as optimized web streams.
  • Dynamically georeference video content.
  • Take advantage of full transcoding support for optimal performance and streaming to all devices.
  • Use the Frameset API to export frames at specific times of interest for analysis and reporting.
  • Search and discover video coverage and content at the layer level.
  • Display spatial telemetry from videos on maps for situational awareness.