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Upgrade ArcGIS Web Adaptor

To upgrade ArcGIS Web Adaptor to 11.2, you must uninstall the earlier version, and install the 11.2 setup. During the 11.2 installation, you'll specify the same name as your earlier Web Adaptor. This guarantees your Web Adaptor URL will remain identical to the earlier version.

If a naming conflict is detected during the 11.2 installation, a warning message appears. You must uninstall the earlier version with the same name to perform the upgrade.

Note that if you are upgrading from version 11.0 and earlier and have multiple instances of Web Adaptor installed, you will see an increase in memory usage. This is because each Web Adaptor instance now requires its own application pool to provide enhanced availability and resiliency.

After installing 11.2, you must configure ArcGIS Web Adaptor with its corresponding server site or portal. For more information, see the following topics: