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Configure multiple ArcGIS Web Adaptors

Multiple ArcGIS Web Adaptors are required when configuring a highly available portal that uses web-tier authentication. To configure multiple Web Adaptors with Portal for ArcGIS, a single endpoint must be used to access the portal. This URL must be defined in the WebContextURL property. Multiple Web Adaptors can then be configured with the portal following the steps below.

  1. Configure the first ArcGIS Web Adaptor with your portal.
  2. Add Portal for ArcGIS to your reverse proxy server. Set the WebContextURL property as follows:
    1. Open a web browser and sign in to the Portal Administrator Directory as an Administrator of your organization.

      The URL is formatted

    2. Click System > Properties > Update Properties.

      The Portal for ArcGIS service restarts automatically. Wait for the restart to complete before continuing.

    3. On the Update System Properties dialog box, insert the following JSON, substituting your reverse proxy server or DNS alias URL as seen by users outside your organization's firewall:
         "WebContextURL": ""
    4. Click Update Properties.
  3. Configure additional Web Adaptors.

All Web Adaptors configured with the portal are listed on the configuration summary page. Users access the portal through the reverse proxy server or DNS alias URL.


Portal for ArcGIS only supports a single organization URL.