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StreetMap Premium Download Install Guide

The following install guide contains instructions for StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS FGDB downloads from My Esri:

Dear StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS User:

The Esri StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS data is downloadable through My Esri. Upon request, media may be shipped on a USB flash drive. Reference the installation instructions below for the My Esri download.

The Esri StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS data contains the following:

  • QuickStartGuide.pdf
  • A documentation folder containing the help.htm and Esri User License Agreement.
  • A file geodatabase (FGDB) folder containing the following:
    • Data that is used and symbolized in the map
    • Network dataset used for routing
    • Map document (.mxd)
  • A folder of ArcGIS locators used for searching and geocoding

Getting Started

To install StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS from My Esri, download the available 7-zip file(s) for the documentation, file geodatabase (FGDB), and locators. Then unzip the file(s) with 7-zip software (free from Note that all files of the same type (file geodatabase or locators) must be downloaded before unzipping. Unzip the first file with the "001" name, and the rest will automatically unzip with it.

There is one folder created for each set of 7-zip files: 1) Documentation, 2) FGDB, and 3) Locators. In addition, there are two .pdf files for the QuickStartGuide and Release Notes.

Once the folders and files are unzipped on your computer, install your StreetMap Premium license file (.sdlic) and the locator files that were sent to you by Esri Customer Service. Esri Customer Service will still send the StreetMap Premium license file (.sdlic) and the locator .zip file via email to your primary customer contact for all updates you are entitled to receive or with each new license of StreetMap Premium purchased.

Getting Support

For all your Esri software support needs, visit