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What is ArcGIS GeoEvent Server?

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server enables real-time event-based data streams to be integrated as data sources in your enterprise GIS. Event data can be filtered, processed, and sent to multiple destinations, allowing you to connect with virtually any type of streaming data and automatically alert personnel when specified conditions occur, all in real-time.

GeoEvent Server changes your everyday GIS applications into frontline decision applications, helping you respond faster with increased awareness whenever and wherever change occurs.

GeoEvent Server is capable of consuming event data from multiple real-time data streams. Filters and processors enable analysts to discover and focus on the most interesting events, locations, and thresholds for their operations.

With GeoEvent Server you can:

  • Stream (push) event data to your client applications via WebSockets.
  • Direct event data into feature services hosted on ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise so that maps you create will represent the most up-to-date information occurring in the real world.
  • View the latest feature status using any ArcGIS viewer (for example, Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS).
  • Filter GeoEvents using spatial or attribute conditions to focus on the most interesting event data.
  • Geofence areas of interest using existing feature data to detect the spatial proximity of events. You can even create geofences on-the-fly without disconnecting from your real-time data stream.
  • Archive event data in feature services, tables, and the spatiotemporal big data store.
  • Enrich incoming events with data from a secondary feature service or system file.

For details, see A quick tour of GeoEvent Server and the GeoEvent Server Quick Start Guide (PDF) for more information.


ArcGIS GeoEvent Server is a licensing role of ArcGIS Server, a software component of ArcGIS Enterprise. ArcGIS Server must be installed before you can install GeoEvent Server. GeoEvent Server can be licensed in addition to the base purchase of ArcGIS Enterprise (Standard or Advanced). GeoEvent Server license enables real-time data ingest, analytics, visualization, and notification capabilities in your enterprise.

For more information on ArcGIS Enterprise and the ArcGIS Server software component, see What is ArcGIS Enterprise?.


It is strongly recommended your solution architecture adhere to the workload separation design principle. ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS GeoEvent Server should be installed on a machine other than the machine supporting your base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.

For more information on recommended reference architectures for GeoEvent Server, see Deployment patterns for ArcGIS Enterprise.

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