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Service startup

When an ArcGIS GeoEvent Server machine starts, some components have dependencies on other components. Because of this, there is a recommended approach for starting each of the supporting services. GeoEvent Server depends on both the ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS GeoEvent Gateway services, meaning both need to be started and running prior to starting the ArcGIS GeoEvent Server service. For that reason, the ArcGIS GeoEvent Server service uses the Automatic (Delayed Start) startup type on Windows.

GeoEvent Server machine service startup order

The GeoEvent Server machine service startup order is important for GeoEvent Server to run properly.

Services set to start automatically include the following:

  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcGIS GeoEvent Gateway

You can start ArcGIS GeoEvent Server automatically with delay.

ArcGIS Enterprise multiple-machine startup order

In a multiple-machine ArcGIS Enterprise configuration, it’s important that all other services be up and running prior to starting the GeoEvent Server services. In this case, the recommended order for machine service startup is as follows:

  • Portal for ArcGIS machine
  • Hosting federated ArcGIS Server machines
    • Data store machines
    • Enterprise relational data stores
  • ArcGIS Data Store machines
  • Other ArcGIS Server sites

Once the above machines are powered on and the services are verified to be running, you can power on the GeoEvent Server machine.


If you cannot adjust the start order of your machines and services as described above, GeoEvent Server can become unstable. Some issues can be alleviated by setting the property; however, this will not solve all issues of instability. If you cannot adjust the machine service startup order and are experiencing stability issues, you can manually start the GeoEvent Server machine or create a startup script to detect the state of the other components and start GeoEvent Server after verifying all dependent services are running.