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Data simulation, logging, and sampling

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server allows you to simulate, log, and sample and display real-time data.

GeoEvent Simulator is a Windows application that allows you to simulate and send real-time data to GeoEvent Server. GeoEvent Simulator, as a client, connects to a TCP socket hosted by a Receive Text from a TCP Socket input. Simulated event data is sent as delimited text to the input, which can then be processed in a GeoEvent Service.

GeoEvent Logger is a Windows application that allows you to view a log of GeoEvents processed by GeoEvent Server. It displays and logs event records processed by a GeoEvent Service and sent to a TCP or text output for delivery to external components. GeoEvent Logger hosts TCP sockets to which the Push Text to an External TCP Socket output can connect.

GeoEvent Sampler is a utility in the service designer of GeoEvent Manager that allows you to sample, display, and visualize GeoEvents as they are processed in a GeoEvent Service. After selecting a route (or connection) between elements in a published GeoEvent Service, the sampler window displays a sample of the GeoEvents on that route as either prettified JSON or delimited text.