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Use the INSPIRE View service

The following sections discuss accessing the INSPIRE View Service Capabilities URL and how to leverage its STYLES-Parameters.

Get the INSPIRE View Service URL

After creating the INSPIRE View Service, you may want to test the service's HTTP endpoint. Complete these steps to obtain the URL and test the end point:

  1. Open ArcCatalog.
  2. Click your ArcGIS Server connection.
  3. Right-click the INSPIRE View Service you created and click Service Properties.
  4. Click Capabilities > ArcGIS for INSPIRE View Service.
  5. Click Advanced Properties.
  6. Copy the Online Resource URL to the right in the text box.
  7. Paste the INSPIRE View URL into the address bar of your browser and insert ?REQUEST=GetCapabilities&SERVICE=WMS at the end of the URL, so that the final URL resembles the following (substituting your server name and service name):

    A successful test results in the INSPIREView Service Capabilities in the default language of the service.

Use the STYLES-Parameters

The INSPIRE Annex 1 themes data specification defines a default visualization style for each INSPIRE layer. These exist to ensure cartographical harmonization of shared data. This visualization is the inspire_common:DEFAULT that can be used when passing a GetMap-Request through the STYLES-Parameter. If no value is selected in the STYLES-Parameter, the inspire_common:DEFAULT visualization is used.

Besides the INSPIRE default style, additional styles for themes or country-specific styles can be defined for an INSPIRE View Service. The cartographic preparation for other styles can be done using ArcMap. The description of this style is default but remember if you use the INSPIRE View Service, the INSPIRE Style always gets a higher priority.

Both inspire_common:DEFAULT and default styles are listed in the capabilities of the INSPIRE View Service.