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Add an Amazon counter

Amazon counters allow you to view and monitor the status of your Amazon instances. The following sections describe how to set up an Amazon Web Services (AWS) user account and add an Amazon counter.

Set up an AWS user account

Complete these steps to set up an AWS user account for monitoring:

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console.
  2. Create an Identity and Access Management (IAM) user account.
  3. Assign the following policies and permissions to the IAM user account:
    • For ArcGIS Monitor to collect consistent metrics for 1-minute or 5-minute intervals, detailed monitoring must be enabled for each instance.
    • CloudWatch may not provide all of the counters you want to monitor by default. Refer to Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Scripts for Microsoft Windows for more information.

Add Amazon counters

Confirm you have the IAM user Access Key and Secret Key before you add Amazon counters.

  1. Start Monitor Administrator.

    The Connections view appears.

  2. Click Open on the Monitor Server application connection to which you want to add the counter.

    The collection pane appears.

  3. In the tree view, expand the collection and monitor service to which you want to add the counter.
  4. Click Amazon in the tree view to choose it.
  5. Right-click Amazon and click Add.
  6. Expand Amazon in the tree view and click New Amazon.

    The Config tab appears.

  7. Type a name for the counter in the Name text box.
  8. Click Add Credential.

    The Add Amazon Credential dialog box appears.

  9. Type a name for the credential in the Name text box.
  10. Type the IAM Access Key in the Access Key text box.
  11. Type the IAM Secret Key in the Secret Key text box.
  12. Click Add.
  13. Click the Select a credential drop-down arrow and choose a credential.
  14. Choose a sample interval from the Sample Interval drop-down menu.

    It is recommended that you not use sample intervals greater than 5 minutes for critical alerts as this can skew availability statistics. For more information, see View collection availability.

  15. Optionally type a description in the Description text box.
  16. Click the Add button for the region where your Amazon instance is located.

    The Amazon region is added to the Selected Amazon Regions to Monitor list.

  17. Click Test to test the counter.

    The test results are displayed below the Test button.

  18. Click Save to save the counter.

Now you can configure alerts for the counter. You can also view and analyze counter status and metrics in the ArcGIS Monitor Server application by clicking Categories > Infrastructure.

For more information about available metrics and definitions, refer to the AWS documentation.