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View root cause analysis reports

Root cause analysis (RCA) reports identify candidates for the source of a critical alert and the downstream impacts of the alert condition for each 10-minute collection interval. Time periods with no alerts are not listed. Consecutive 10-minute intervals with the same sources and impacts are grouped.

  1. Follow the steps in Access the ArcGIS Monitor Server application.
  2. Click RCA on the main menu.

    The Root Cause Analysis Reports view appears.

  3. Click the Set Time drop-down arrow and choose a time range.

    The Time Range fields are read-only and display the time range chosen in the Set Time drop-down list.

  4. Click the Collection drop-down arrow and choose a collection.
  5. Click Execute.
  6. Click the Reports drop-down arrow and choose a report.
  7. Optionally, for the Sources & Impacts by Time report, click the Bins drop-down arrow and choose a bin.

    Some bins may only have a source alert with no impacts.

  8. Read the information in the Comments column for details about the source or impact.
  9. Optionally click a link in the End Time column to view a chart and statistics for the counter alert.
  10. Optionally, if a link appears in the Name column, click the link to view the URL reference.

For more information about the table columns in the RCA reports view, see Alerts glossary.