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Configure languages returned in search results

By default, ArcGIS Enterprise portals include content for every supported language. When you or your organization's members search for content, results may be returned that do not apply to the language set for the portal. For the content that Esri provides, you can configure the search so it only returns content in the languages you require. Follow these steps to configure the languages returned in search results:


Member-added content is not filtered by this setting. Language preferences only apply to the content Esri provided with Enterprise portals.

Configure search results

  1. Sign in to the ArcGIS Portal Administrator Directory as a member of the default administrator role in your organization.
  2. Click System > Languages. This page displays the portal languages and specifies the ones that are currently configured with the portal.
  3. Click Update.
  4. Select the languages you want to display in search results.
  5. Click Update. The list of languages will read true or false for each language, depending on whether you selected the language.

Search results will now display Esri portal content from only those languages you specified in the ArcGIS Portal Directory. To update the languages configured with the portal, follow the same steps above. The configured languages will be preserved when upgrading the portal.