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Schedule the synchronization of feature layers

Collaboration guests can schedule the synchronization of edits on hosted feature layers and views.

Synchronization of feature layer edits one-way

Once a hosted feature layer or view as been shared as a copy, subsequent updates to the source layer will be synchronized based on the established sync interval. By default, edits will be synchronized, one-way, from the source feature layer or view to each receiving participant. Any edits made to the hosted feature layer or view by the receiving participant will not be synchronized back to the source feature layer. Additionally, you can overwrite these edits when edits are synchronized from the source element or source layer.

Synchronization feature layer edits two-way

Starting at 10.9, when a participant has Send and Receive access to a collaboration workspace, they can allow two-way syncing of data edits to feature layers they share as copies, allowing two-way sharing of data edits. When a scheduled synchronization occurs, edits made to the source feature layer will be shared to the receiving participant and edits made by the receiving participant will be shared to the source layer. Synchronizations are initiated by the guest on scheduled intervals. During synchronizations, content newly shared to the collaboration group, as well as the deltas for previously shared content, will be synchronized with other participants' groups.


When editing feature layers that support two-way sharing of edits, it's important to note that no checks occur to detect and prevent concurrent edits. When edits are submitted, the last change submitted takes precedent, overwriting preexisting edits to the feature layer. To avoid data conflicts, the archived version of the feature service should be consulted before making additional edits.

Schedule synchronization of edits as a host

A collaboration host cannot schedule when feature layer or feature layer views are synchronized. Only guests can determine the intervals in which to synchronize edits.

Schedule synchronization of edits as a guest

Collaboration guests can schedule when feature layer and feature layer views are synchronized.

  • If the guest owns the source layer, edits are synchronized to participants based on the configured schedule.
  • If the guest is not the owner of the source layer, the configured schedule determines when they will receive synchronized edits.

The sync schedule interval is configured on the collaboration workspace. See Edit a collaboration workspace for more information.