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Download apps

You can create your own app from a shared map or group by downloading and configuring one of the ArcGIS Configurable Apps templates. The template .zip file contains the files and instructions you need to customize and deploy the app on your web server.

After choosing a Configurable Apps template to use, you can access the .zip file by clicking the Download button on the item page. You can also download supported app templates from the gallery that opens when you choose to create an app using Configurable Apps. Keep in mind that each template offers different functionality, tools, and layouts.

If your portal is currently disconnected from the internet, you'll need to remove all external references in the template and configure it to use your portal's utility services. You can configure the template to use the portal's utility service by setting the template's queryForOrg property to true. Instructions for removing external references and using utility services instead are included in the readme file that is bundled with the template.

Download an app from the content page

To download a Configurable Apps template from the content page, follow the steps below.

  1. Verify that you are signed in with privileges to create content.
  2. From the My Content tab of the content page, click Create app and click Configurable Apps.
  3. Choose the app template you want to use and click Download.

    The Configurable Apps gallery also includes access to the Instant Apps templates to recommend using the latest app templates with the new configuration experience. Instant Apps templates don’t have a Download button.

  4. Open or save the .zip file.
  5. Follow the instructions in the readme file for deploying and configuring your app.

    You can make minor changes such as modifying colors and fonts or adding an additional widget. Minimally, you must reference the map or group ID for the app to display your content. As your experience with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML increases, you can make additional modifications to the app.