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What's new in ArcGIS Data Store 11.2

ArcGIS Data Store 11.2 adds support for highly available graph stores, cloud storage locations for graph store backups, and object store backups. It also includes changes to the Data Store Configuration wizard and several utilities.

Deploy a highly available graph store

Starting with ArcGIS Data Store 11.2, all graph stores are created in primary-standby mode. To implement high availability for new graph stores, add a second graph store machine to the deployment.

As part of support for highly available graph stores, the makePrimary REST API function now promotes a standby graph store machine to be the primary machine, and the removemachine utility can be used to remove the standby machine from a graph store.

New backup locations for graph stores

You can use an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket or Microsoft Azure Blob storage container to store graph store backups.

Support for object store backups

At 11.2, organizations that use a federated ArcGIS Video Server site can store video data in the ArcGIS Data Store object store. If your deployment stores videos in the object store, you can use the backupdatastore utility to create object store backup files, and use the restoredatastore utility to recover them.

The following additional utilities are expanded to support object store backups:


Backups are not created for feature layer query caches.

Use the Data Store Configuration wizard to deploy the object store in cluster mode

At 11.2, you can use the Data Store Configuration wizard to deploy the object store in cluster mode or single-machine mode. In previous releases, you had to use the configuredatastore utility to deploy the object store in cluster mode.

ArcGIS Data Store utilities

In addition to the changes to utilities to support object store backups and highly available graph stores, the following new and altered utilities are available with ArcGIS Data Store 11.2:

  • As a result of changes in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) API, you must specify an AWS region code when you configure a backup location in an S3 bucket. See the configurebackuplocation utility syntax.
  • You must provide the backup file location when you run the deletebackup utility to ensure the correct backup file is being deleted.

Issues addressed

To learn what fixes are included in ArcGIS Data Store 11.2, see the 11.2 issues addressed list.