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What's new in ArcGIS Data Store 11.0

ArcGIS Data Store 11.0 includes a new type of data store and a new utility to clean up unused files on disk.

See the 11.0 issues addressed list for information on fixes in the software.

Changes in ArcGIS Data Store installation

In versions earlier than ArcGIS Data Store 11.0, when you installed ArcGIS Data Store, all data store files were placed on the machine where you installed, and you configured each type of data store you required on that machine to make it active. Now when you install ArcGIS Data Store, you choose which data store files to install on each machine.

For new installations using the installation wizard, check the box next to the data store type to install on the machine. If you use a command to run the setup file, specify the data store type using the -f operation to specify which data store types to install. See Install ArcGIS Data Store for instructions.

You cannot alter what files are installed. To install additional data store types on a machine where you already installed one or more types of data stores, you must uninstall and reinstall ArcGIS Data Store and specify all data store types to be installed on that machine. Note, though, it is not recommended that you run more than one type of data store on the same machine.

Object store replaced

The object store could not be supported in ArcGIS Data Store 10.9.1, but it has been replaced for ArcGIS Data Store 11.0 with new technology. The behavior you see in regards to feature services when upgrading depends on whether you upgrade from 10.9 or 10.9.1, as described in the next section.

Upgrade behavior

If you used feature query caches in 10.9 and upgrade to 11.0, the cache will be cleared when you upgrade but feature layers will retain their query cache setting. Queries performed after upgrading will be cached automatically using the same settings you had before. If you upgrade from 10.9.1, you must re-create the object store and enable query caching on feature layers again.

You cannot upgrade directly from ArcGIS Data Store 10.6.1 or earlier. To upgrade ArcGIS Data Store 10.6.1 or earlier, first upgrade to an interim version (10.7.x - 10.9.x), and then upgrade that version to 11.0. Read the upgrade documentation for the interim version to confirm direct upgrades are supported for the ArcGIS Data Store version you start with.

Support for service webhooks

If the organization administrator or layer owner defines service webhooks (a beta feature at this release), webhook messages are processed on the relational data store machines. To accommodate this, you must have additional ports available on the relational data store machines.