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What's new in ArcGIS Data Store 11.3

The following sections describe new functionality and changes for ArcGIS Data Store 11.3.

New utility to replace SSL certificates

The new replacesslcertificate utility allows you to replace the self-signed SSL certificate used by the web server to communicate between the hosting server and data stores and among the data store machines. The replacesslcertificate also allows you to replace the self-signed certificate used for communication between the hosting server through ports on the relational data store, tile cache data store, graph store, and object store machines.

The previous certificate utility—updatesslcertificate—only updated the SSL certificate used for web server communication. The updatesslcertificate utility is now deprecated, and support for it will be removed in a future ArcGIS Data Store release.

New option to control the role of a machine in a spatiotemporal big data store cluster

The --roles option is added to the configuredatastore utility to designate what function that a particular machine in a spatiotemporal big data store cluster can perform. You can specify the role when you use the configuredatastore utility to create a spatiotemporal big data store, or you can run the utility to change the role of a machine in the spatiotemporal big data store cluster. See Add machines to a data store for a description of the roles and supported role configurations in a single cluster.

Extended health validation for the relational data store

When you validate a highly available relational data store using the validate ArcGIS Server REST command, the HealthyWithWarning value is returned for the relational data store's overall health if the secondary machine is not available. The relational data store is still usable but is no longer highly available when in this state.

ArcGIS Data Store utilities that are no longer supported

The following utilities were deprecated for several releases and are now no longer supported or installed with ArcGIS Data Store:

No longer supportedReplaced by









Issues addressed

To learn what fixes are included in ArcGIS Data Store 11.3, see the 11.3 issues addressed list.