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What's new in ArcGIS Data Store 10.9.1

ArcGIS Data Store 10.9.1 includes a new type of data store and a new utility to clean up unused files on disk.

See the 10.9.1 issues addressed list for information on fixes in the software.

Graph store

A new data store is available in ArcGIS Data Store 10.9.1—a graph store—to contain knowledge graphs created by ArcGIS Pro users.

Object store no longer supported

The object store, which was introduced at 10.9, cannot be supported in 10.9.1. If you were using the object store to cache feature service queries, the feature services will continue to function; however, queries will no longer be cached after you upgrade ArcGIS Data Store to 10.9.1, because the object store will be removed.

Email notification when disk space low

When the free disk space reaches a specific threshold on the disk where ArcGIS Data Store is installed, warnings are written to the ArcGIS Data Store logs to let you know you need to add disk space to the machine. Now, an email will also be sent to administrative contacts set in the portal to warn of low disk space if you configure email notification for the portal. One email is sent per day.

If you do not increase free disk space, the data store will stop or be put in read-only mode when the disk is nearly out of space. The same group of administrative contacts will receive an email when that happens.

See the disk space requirements section of ArcGIS Data Store system requirements for information on when warning messages are logged and sent for each type of data store and when the data store will shut down or be placed in read-only mode.

Utility to clean up unneeded files

The diskcleanup utility removes from disk the unused and unneeded files and folders left over from ArcGIS Data Store upgrade and backup procedures.

Changes when specifying the ArcGIS GIS Server site

When you perform the following actions that require you to identify the ArcGIS GIS Server site that is used as the portal's hosting server, you can now provide the fully qualified domain name of one of the machines in the ArcGIS GIS Server site or provide the URL to the site:

Previously, only the URL to the site was accepted.