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Report fields

Organization reports are a way for administrators to export important information about their organization's members and content. There are two types of reports available to administrators: member reports and item reports.

Member fields

Member reports allow you to download data about the members of your organization in a .csv file. The following is a table of fields included in a member report:



The user's ArcGIS Enterprise username.


The user's first and last name.


The email address associated with the user's account.

Profile Visibility

The visibility of the user profile: public, account or organization, or private.

User Type

The user's assigned user type.


The user's assigned role. This can be either a default or a custom role. Account_user and account_publisher refer to the default roles of a user and publisher.

Last Login Date

The date the user last signed in to ArcGIS Enterprise. This field is populated with the value 1969-12-31 15:59 if the user has never logged in before.

Date Created

The date the user's ArcGIS Enterprise account was created.

Add-On Apps

The names of add-on apps for which the user is assigned a license. These licenses are in the Licenses section of My Settings for each user.

# of Items Owned

The number of items owned by the user. This number can include items that are not listed on the Content page of the portal website, such as offline map areas.

# of Groups Owned

The number of groups owned by the user.

# of Groups Total

The number of groups the user is a member of.

Login Type

The type of login used to sign in to the portal—for example, ArcGIS or OIDC (OpenID Connect).

Member Account Status

The status of a user's account. Account status is enabled unless an administrator has disabled the member account.

Member categories

If your organization has set up member categories, this field indicates the member categories assigned to members.

Multifactor authentication

If your organization has multifactor authentication (MFA) enabled, this field indicates whether the member has enabled MFA for their account.

Item fields

Item reports allow you to download data about your organization's content in a .csv file. The following is a table of fields included in an item report:



The title of the content item.

Item ID

The ID of the item, useable in advanced search. For example, id:4e770315ad9049e7950b552aa1e40869 returns the item for that ID.

Item Url

The web address for the item.

Item Type

The item type. Options include Web Map, Web Mapping Application, Feature Collection, .csv file, PDF, and more.

Date Created

The date the item was created.

Date Modified

The most recent date the item was edited.

Content Category

The categories the item has been sorted into. This field is populated if your organization has categories set up and if categories have been used for the item.

View Counts

The number of times the item has been viewed.


The username of the member who owns the item.

File Storage Size

The amount of file storage charged for any service or file, measured in megabytes.

Feature Storage Size

The amount of feature storage charged for the data or table storage of a feature service, measured in megabytes.

Share Level

The share level of the item is one of the following:

  • Private—The item is not shared and is only visible to the owner.
  • Group—The item is private but is shared and visible to one or more groups.
  • Org—The item is shared to your organization and could also be shared to one or more groups.
  • Public—The item is shared to everyone and could also be shared to one or more groups.

# of Groups shared with

The number of groups with which the item has been shared.


The terms used to tag the item.

Number of Comments

The number of comments on the item.

Is Hosted Service

A value of TRUE in this field means the service is hosted. A value of FALSE in this field means the service is not hosted.