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Change layer properties

Depending on the layer type defined in Layer properties, each layer has available options for data in a scene. For example, feature and scene layers can allow you to configure pop-ups or apply a filter, while some other layers have fewer options available, such as adjust the transparency or display layer in legend.

To change the layer properties, complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that you are signed in to the portal and open Scene Viewer.
  2. On the Designer toolbar, click Layer Manager Layers to open the Layer Manager pane.
  3. On the layer for which you want to change properties, click the layer options tool Layer settings tool and click Layer properties to open the layer properties.

    You can also click the layer name to open the layer properties when styling options aren't available.

  4. Change the layer properties described in the sections below.
  5. On the Designer toolbar, click Save Save to save the layer properties to the scene.
  6. Click Done to return to the Layer Manager pane.


Under Pop-ups, display and configure pop-ups to provide in-depth information about features when you click them.


Under Legend, modify the legend by changing the visibility of layers, the symbology, and the names of the layers.


Under Transparency, adjust the transparency of the layers.

Visibility range

Under Visibility range, set the visibility range for a single layer or multiple layers in a scene.


Under Filter, apply a filter to display only specific information.

Spatial filters

Under Spatial filters, apply spatial filters to 3D object and point scene layers.

Custom parameters

Under Custom parameters, add custom parameters to the scene.