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ArcGIS Enterprise quick lessons

The best way to learn about ArcGIS Enterprise is to start using it. The following quick lessons guide you through real-world scenarios that use ArcGIS Enterprise to accomplish set goals. As you work through the lessons, you'll become familiar with capabilities and workflows that will both help you be successful in your current work and inspire you to explore ArcGIS Enterprise further on your own.

The following lessons are available in the help or on the Learn ArcGIS site External link:

  • Get started with ArcGIS Enterprise External link—Create and share an evacuation map to prepare for an incoming hurricane.
  • Create a map—Learn the basics of web mapping in an ArcGIS Enterprise portal as you assume the role of an investigative reporter looking for a lead on a story about hospitals in Clark County, Nevada.
  • Create a scene—Create a 3D scene of urban trees in Portland, Oregon.
  • Solve a spatial problem External link—Use standard feature analysis tools to determine which campgrounds are within the range of an invasive weed.
  • Manage data External link—Learn the basics of managing data in an ArcGIS Enterprise portal as you assume the role of a municipal employee who wants to publish a layer of coyote activity for a crowdsourcing solution.
  • Evaluate equitable drinking fountain distribution External link—Learn how to use ArcGIS Field Maps with ArcGIS Enterprise to do an inventory of drinking fountain locations in Berkeley, California.