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Set the layer visibility range in scenes

You can set the visibility range for a single layer or multiple layers in a scene in Layer properties. This allows you to control the range of scales at which layers are visible. For example, you can display state polygons (first layer) from far away and county polygons (second layer) from close up.

In 3D, the visibility range of layers behaves differently than layers in 2D, such as in Map Viewer. In 2D, a current scale is constant throughout the map. In 3D, you can tilt a scene, and the scale throughout the scene changes depending on whether the scene components are closer or farther away. For example, a building in the foreground appears larger than the same size building in the background. In other words, the foreground building has a larger scale than the building in the distance. This is unique to 3D scenes. For example, because the scale can change throughout a building layer, you can show buildings only in the foreground and hide them in the background.

To set the layer visibility range, complete the following steps:

  1. Under Visibility range, slide the handles on either end of the slider to narrow or broaden the visibility range.

    Min is the minimum scale when you are farthest away. Max is the maximum scale when you are closest. The current scale of the scene is indicated by the darker bar on the slider. The size of the bar—the current scale—changes as you tilt the view.

  2. Click Reset to return to the full visibility range.

    The Reset option isn't available when the full visibility range is displayed.