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Creating a GIS server cluster

A cluster is a grouping of GIS server machines participating in an ArcGIS Server site. You can organize your GIS server machines into clusters in the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory.

To create a new cluster, follow the steps below. You will first disable single cluster mode in order to create multiple clusters.

  1. Open the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory and log in with an account that has administrative privileges to the site. The Administrator Directory is typically available through a URL such as
  2. Click System > Deployment > Update.
  3. Click the Single Cluster Mode drop-down menu and select FALSE.
  4. Click Update. All GIS servers in the site are restarted. Wait for them to restart.
  5. Browse to Home > Clusters > Create.
  6. Enter a name for the cluster and the port the machines participating in the cluster will use to communicate with each other when using the TCP clustering protocol. This is the default clustering protocol. If this parameter is missing, a suitable default will be used. Click Create.
  7. Log into ArcGIS Server Manager with an account that has administrative privileges to the site. The URL is in the format
  8. Browse to Site > Clusters. Your newly created cluster will appear in the list underneath the default cluster.
  9. Browse to the Machines page to add a new machine to the cluster. Click Add Machine. After specifying the machine name and URL, choose which cluster the machine will be added to from the Cluster Name drop-down menu.
  10. Click Add to add the machine to the site in the new cluster.