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Add ArcGIS Server web services to an ArcGIS Enterprise portal

To help people discover and use your ArcGIS Server web services in their apps, you can create items in an ArcGIS Enterprise portal (or ArcGIS Online organization) that reference your web services.

Once the item exists in the portal, you can store settings and information on them, configure the item style, and use these items in maps, apps, and scenes in the portal. The item can also be used in a distributed collaboration, allowing you to share your services with other ArcGIS Enterprise deployments and with ArcGIS Online.

If your ArcGIS Server site is federated with the portal, items are automatically created in the portal when you publish to the federated ArcGIS Server site. However, if you have a stand-alone ArcGIS Server site, or if your site is federated with a different portal, you can add the web service as an item from the Contents page of the portal.

Follow these steps to add one of the web services from your ArcGIS Server site to an ArcGIS Enterprise portal:

  1. Sign in to the portal.

    You must have privileges to create content in the portal.

  2. From the My Content tab of the content page, click New item and click URL.
  3. Choose ArcGIS Server web service for the item type.
  4. Type the REST URL of the web service, for example

    ArcGIS Server web service URLs are in the format https://<fully qualified web adaptor machine name>/<web adaptor name>/rest/services/<folder name>/<service name>/<service type>. If the service is in the root folder, you do not need to include the folder name in the URL. The URL format in that case is https://<fully qualified web adaptor machine name>/<web adaptor name>/rest/services/<service name>/<service type>.

    To find the REST URL of an ArcGIS Server service, open the ArcGIS Server Services Directory and browse to the service you want to share. You can then copy the URL from the browser's address bar. Do not append any parameters, such as a token, to the URL.

  5. To add a secure service, you'll need to enter a user name and password for an account that has access to the service. See Connect to secure services for further instructions on adding secure services to a portal.

    User names might be case sensitive depending on how your identity systems are managed. If you store the credentials and plan to share the service in a public app, you may want to enable rate limiting to limit use on the service.


    If you do not see the user name and password fields, the options to store or not store credentials, or if you see an error when attempting to add the secure service, there may be an issue with your HTTPS configuration. The ArcGIS Server site providing the service for which you are attempting to store credentials must support HTTPS and have a valid certificate signed from a well-known certificate authority. For additional troubleshooting, contact Esri Support (In the USA) or your international distributor (outside the USA).

  6. Choose a folder in My Content where you want to save the item.
  7. If your organization administrator has configured content categories, click Assign Category and select up to 20 categories to help people find your item.

    You can also use the Filter categories box to narrow the list of categories.

  8. Optionally, type tags that describe the item.

    Separate the terms with commas (for example, Federal land is considered one tag; Federal, land is considered two tags).

    As you type, you can select any of the suggested tags that appear; suggestions are generated from tags you have added previously.

  9. Optionally, provide a summary that describes the item.
  10. Click Save.

Once you add the item from the web using its URL, the item appears in your content, and you can edit the item details and share it if you have sharing privileges.