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Converting a map service cache to an image service cache

The cache generated for a map service can be used for an image service and vice versa. To do this, there are two basic requirements:

  • The map document and the mosaic dataset or raster dataset should have the same projections and extents.
  • The tiling schemes must be similar. For example, the tiles that will be copied must be the same, but additional tiles can be different.

In 10.0 and earlier versions, image service caches were not supported. Instead, the dataset or image service was added to a map document and published as a cached map service.

The following steps will walk you through the process to publish the image service, including defining the cache within the Service Editor, importing the tiling scheme, then importing the cache.

  1. In the Catalog window, right-click the mosaic dataset or raster dataset and click Share As Image Service.
  2. Choose Publish a service and click Next.
  3. Choose a server connection and verify or change the service name, then click Next.
  4. Choose the folder the image service will be published within and click Continue.

    The Service Editor opens.

  5. In the left pane, click Caching.
  6. Click Using tiles from a cache.
  7. Click the Tiling Scheme drop-down menu and click An existing cached map / image service.

    Optionally, you can choose A tiling scheme file or Custom, but the steps change accordingly. If you choose A tiling scheme file, then a dialog box will open allowing you to navigate to the file. If you choose Custom, then click the Tiling Scheme node that appears under the Caching node and enter the scheme you want to use.

  8. Navigate and select the map service, then click Add.
  9. In the left pane, click Advanced Settings and verify the Cache directory where the cache will be generated (or in this case, copied to).
  10. In the left pane, click Caching.
  11. Click Build cache manually after the service is published.
  12. Analyze and publish the image service.
  13. In the Catalog window, navigate to the image service. Right-click the image service and click Manage Cache > Import Cache.
  14. Enter the path to the map service cache that will be copied to the image service in the Source Map Server Cache parameter.
  15. Click OK to run the tool.