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Disable schema locking on a map service

An ArcGIS Server map service uses schema locking to prevent modifications to the source dataset schemas while the service is running. By default, schema locking is enabled on map services. If your workflow requires periodic updates to the dataset's schema without stopping the map service, for example, replacing feature classes as opposed to selectively updating rows within the schema, you can disable schema locking using ArcGIS Server Manager.


You cannot disable schema locking on map services configured to use the shared instance pool.

When schema locking is disabled, Esri recommends that you only update your source dataset schemas when the service is idle. If you update the dataset schema when the service is under load, users of your map service may experience unexpected behavior such as layers and fields missing, queries failing, and service unavailability. Changes to the dataset schema need to be carefully planned; permanently removing datasets may leave your map services in an inconsistent state.


Even when you disable schema locking in a map service, other ArcGIS applications and services may still be able to obtain exclusive locks to the schema. If you are unable to update the schema of the dataset after disabling schema locking, see Schema locking. This topic contains information that can help you understand how locks may be preventing you from updating the schema.

To disable schema locking, follow the steps below.

Disable schema locking in Manager

To disable schema locking in Manager, complete the following steps:

  1. Start Manager and sign in.
  2. Click Services > Manage Services.
  3. In the Manage Services module, locate your map service and click Edit Edit.

    If you don't see your map service in the list, it may be in a subfolder under the Site (root) folder.

  4. Click the Parameters tab.
  5. On the Parameters tab, uncheck Lock Database Schema.
  6. Click Save and Restart.

Schema locking is disabled for all the datasets referenced by your map service.