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ArcGIS Server directories in AWS

When you deploy ArcGIS Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can store the configuration store in Amazon S3 and DynamoDB, but the other ArcGIS Server directories are always stored on file server Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances.

Configuration store

When you use Amazon S3 and DynamoDB for the configuration store, most services will be highly available with the following exceptions:

  • Geoprocessing services cannot be made highly available.
  • Cached services are not automatically highly available; however, you can configure them separately to be highly available.

When you create a highly available ArcGIS Server site using this template, the following are created in the AWS account:

  • A DynamoDB table named ArcGISConfigStores in the AWS region in which you deploy the ArcGIS Server site, provisioned with five read capacity units and one write capacity unit
  • A DynamoDB table for each namespace, named ArcGISConfigStores.<namespace>, created with 250 read- and 25 write-provisioned capacity units
  • An S3 bucket for each namespace, with the name arcgis-config-store-<unique ID>

When you delete the ArcGIS Server site, ArcGIS deletes the S3 buckets and DynamoDB tables for each namespace. You must manually delete the ArcGISConfigStores DynamoDB table if you will not be deploying ArcGIS Server sites to that AWS region.

You must manage provisioned throughput settings on the DynamoDB tables to ensure reliable and fast operation of the ArcGIS Server configuration store.

Server directories

When an ArcGIS Server site is deployed on a single EC2 instance, the server directories are stored on the same instance as the ArcGIS Server installation.

The file servers associated with sites deployed using the ArcGIS Server high availability template are configured for automatic recovery. If a directory is on an instance that fails or becomes unavailable, AWS replaces the instance to the state it was in prior to the failure. If the entire Amazon Availability Zone is unavailable for a long time, the ArcGIS Server site will not be available. If you need the site to be available even if an Amazon Availability Zone is down, create ArcGIS Server backups that you can use to restore the site.