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ArcGIS components

The ArcGIS Enterprise on Microsoft Azure help focuses on deploying ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Server on Microsoft Azure, but you need to understand the components you're deploying. Most of this information is found in other ArcGIS help systems.

The following table lists key pages in other help systems to introduce you to important concepts related to these components:


Base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment

Provides a description and diagrams of the components that compose an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.

Additional server deployment

Describes the ArcGIS Server sites you can add to an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment to fill specific roles.

About ArcGIS Server licensing roles

Lists capabilities provided for each type of ArcGIS Server license.

Integrate your server with ArcGIS Enterprise

Explains the different levels of integration you can have between ArcGIS Server sites and ArcGIS Enterprise portals.

Relationships between web services and portal items

The items in your organization have associated web services running on ArcGIS Server sites. How the item or service is created affects how you manage it. This topic explains this relationship and the rules for removing items or services from your deployment.

Layers published to your portal's federated servers

When you publish to a federated server, a corresponding item is added to your organization. This topic explains that relationship.

What is ArcGIS Data Store?

Provides an overview of the types of data stores you can create with ArcGIS Data Store and how you use them.

Apps and functionality that require ArcGIS Data Store

Lists the ArcGIS functionality and Esri applications that require certain types of data stores to help you decide which data stores to create and use with your portal's hosting server.

Data sources for ArcGIS Server

ArcGIS Server sites must have access to the data you want to publish as web services. This topic in the ArcGIS Server help explains your options for registering data sources with an ArcGIS Server site.

A quick tour of GeoEvent Server

Provides an overview of ArcGIS GeoEvent Server.

Introduction to ArcGIS Notebook Server

Explains what ArcGIS Notebook Server does and its role in an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.

Introduction to ArcGIS Mission Server

Explains what part ArcGIS Mission Server plays in an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.

Get started with ArcGIS Knowledge Server

Defines ArcGIS Knowledge Server.

An introduction to ArcGIS Workflow Manager

Describes ArcGIS Workflow Manager functionality and components.