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Common problems and solutions

The following troubleshooting tips can help resolve some common ArcGIS Server installation issues. For additional help, see the Esri Knowledge Base at, contact the Esri Support Center, or visit the forums on GeoNet.

When I launch the setup, I receive a prompt that states, "This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor."

ArcGIS Server is no longer supported on 32-bit operating systems. The ArcGIS Server setup will only proceed on 64-bit operating systems.

When I launch the setup, I receive a prompt that states, "The setup cannot proceed because ArcGIS Server is not supported on machines that include an underscore (_) in the machine name."

Several widely used internet host name specifications have designated the underscore character as nonstandard. Although Windows allows you to use the underscore in a machine name, it can still cause problems when you interact with other servers and platforms. For this reason, ArcGIS Server will not proceed with installation on servers that have an underscore in the host name.

When I attempt to install ArcGIS Server, I see an error message that states, "An unexpected error occurred while unpacking file(s). Check for missing volume file(s). Error code 1 -2147467259."

As of ArcGIS Enterprise 11.3, the ArcGIS Server self-extracting package consists of two files with .exe and .exe.001 extensions. To extract the package, ensure both files are in the same folder.

I see a dialog box indicating there are missing dependencies.

The .NET Extension Support feature requires the appropriate version of Microsoft .NET. If the appropriate version of Microsoft .NET is not found, the .NET Extension Support feature will not be available for installation.

If your operating system includes the appropriate version of Microsoft .NET, make sure it's enabled using Windows Features. If your operating system does not include Microsoft .NET, you can download it from the installation media and enable it using Windows Features.

See the ArcGIS Server system requirements for the current supported version of Microsoft .NET.

How do I create a log of the installation?

The example below creates a log of the installation on drive C. However, the log can be created anywhere on the local machine.

msiexec /I <path to the ArcGIS Server media or download folder>setup.msi /L*V C:\ArcGIS_Server.log


Windows Installer requires the System account to have full control of the system drive and the target drive.