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Configuring the display language for ArcGIS Server Manager

The ArcGIS Server Manager application supports localization. The setup includes pre-localized versions of Manager for several languages:

  • Arabic
  • Simplified Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Once the setup completes, Manager opens automatically. If your browser is already configured to display one of the above languages, Manager opens automatically in that language; otherwise, you will need to update the language settings in your preferred web browser. Access your browser's language settings (the location will vary by browser) to change the display language.

If you have specified multiple languages in priority order, the highest-priority language supported by Manager will be displayed when you open it. For example, if your browser is configured to support (in order) Latin, French, and English, then ArcGIS Server Manager will be displayed in French, as Latin is not supported by Manager. If you prefer it to be displayed in a different supported language, change the browser language settings and relaunch the browser.