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Content FAQs

Content refers to the maps, datasets, apps, documents, and other items. For a full list of supported items see Prepare your content.


Items do not include images, videos, and external links, so you don't need to upload them to the portal or share them to groups. Instead, follow steps provided in Add text and images and Embed video, social media, and iframes to share these types of content on a site.

How do I add content?

To add content to a site, you can upload items or share existing items using your site's Content Library. Items added to a site are automatically shared to the site's content group and you can choose to share them with a wider audience using the item's sharing controls.

You can also add additional groups of items using the Groups Manager. For more information, see Add content to a site.

Where does content show up?

Content added to a site are available in the following places:

  • Unified search experience—People who have access to a site can use the site's search bar to discover content. Private audiences will be able to find content that has only been shared with them, even on public sites.
  • An item's preview page—Most items that are spatial data include an item preview page. A person can view an item's preview page by clicking the item's title in search results. This page displays spatial data on a map and a list of attributes which can be sorted and filtered. It also includes access to the API and option to download.
  • Site editing cards—Display individual items for people to find on a site or page, or choose an icon to visualize groups of related items by category (for example, hydrology, boundaries, or forestry). For more information, see Display apps, data, and web maps.

Who can add content?

Content can be added to a site at anytime by administrators, site managers, and core team members. For more information, see Configure roles and privileges.

Where is the content library and groups manager?

Follow these steps to access the Content Library.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Enterprise.
  2. Click Manage on the Sites card on the Overview page.
  3. Open the site you want to work with.
  4. Click the site drop-down menu in the edit navigation bar and choose Content Library.
  5. If you have privileges to edit an item, click on its title to go to the item's Overview page in ArcGIS Enterprise Portal. Here you can edit the item's name, thumbnail, description, tags, and sharing controls.

    By default, any member of a site's core team can edit an item in the content library if that item is shared to the core team group. To edit items belonging to other groups, a person must either be an administrator or item owner.

What are best practices for adding content?

Review these best practices when adding content to your site.